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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall River 2018 Trout Fishing REPORT and Fishing Map with Private Fishing Access, local Hunting Clubs

Fall River 2018 Trout Fishing REPORT and Fishing Map with Private Fishing Access  

 for private fishing access and camping on the river (not shown on map) go to www.ranchhuntandfish.com and click on County

how to fish fall river

  FALL RIVER MILLS, CALIFORNIA  Fall River is home of  native rainbow and brown trout and is famous as one of Northern California’s most beautiful waterways. 
The Fall River starts  high in  National Forest at Thousand Springs eventually running  through the town of Dana. Here, the next few miles of the  are reserved for fly fishermen,  except single barbless  lures may also be used.  lt is one of California’s top native trout fisheries, certified  at 2,000 trout per river  mile.
If you want a chance  at native rainbow trout, it can be frustrating,  particularly in  the crystal-clear waters. The best months to fish Fall River are May, June and  early July.  Dry fly fishing is amazing following the huge Spinner Fall hatches happens  every morning, so try olive and rust colors, size 16 and 18, but as  summer moves on,  try smaller sizes, 20 to 22.
The Fall River trout can be picky, you are competing with so much natural feed, so matching the Fall River hatch is tricky, but those who get it right will be rewarded.  Bait plunking fishermen can  get some excellent fishing in the lower Fall river where limits are  more liberal and trout fishing’s still great!    
 The spinner hatch   through June and early July, every day at 7 a.m,  until  11 a.m. But then pale, yellow mayfiies, size l6, start hatching until 12 or as late as 2 p. m.
If wet flys are your preference  nymphs are Zug Bugs, Hares ear,  Pheasant Tail Nymphs and black or olive,size 10 to 12  work best early in the season and smaller sizes, l6 to 20, are most effectivet in late June and July. 
Caddis flies are almost always present so  cast Elk Hair Caddis, dark or olive Caddis or black Caddis.
  Fall River is wide and deep, and bank access is very  limited because of private ranches, therefore, so anglers are relegated to boat or kayaks.

Private access on Fall River at Ranchhuntandfish.com

We have several private ranch access points on this river for you if want further information

Click on a county for Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:

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 No gas powered  motors are allowed in the upper  river, but  are OK in the lower  river.  The upper,  it's oars or electric motors  only.  You owe it to yourself to check out this great California Trout fishery.

Want more Fishing and Hunting Maps with fishing reports? Also shows Hunting Clubs and Private Hunting Ranches in this area

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